Britt Sisseck

Launched in Fall 2014,
BRITT SISSECK is a women's ready-to-wear collection, specialised in women’s high end shirts and blouses, that finds confidence in contrasts of masculine and feminine, strength and softness, structure and fluidity, classic and modern. Each piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements, while embodying a signature sensuality and ease.

BRITT SISSECK does not conform to particular season and each blouse is designed for timeless relevance. Every season may carry a print or two which defines the particular season, and seasonal pieces appear in every collection,
but the essence and core of the brand is that the newness of the collection is that there is nothing new about it. We want to convey a trust in the product, and
for the end consumer to know and understand that we have developed the best possible version of a blouse to match their personal demand.